*The Ghost inside Boston* And a Volley- Inside the Ghost Machine (album)
*The Ghost inside Boston* And a Volley- Inside the Ghost Machine (album)
*The Ghost inside Boston* And a Volley- Inside the Ghost Machine (album)
*More than just punk rock in the Philippines* Katumbal – Punk Rock Song
*More than just punk rock in the Philippines* Katumbal – Punk Rock Song
*More than just punk rock in the Philippines* Katumbal – Punk Rock Song
*By The Bends of Vancouver* White Ash Falls – By The River Bends
*By The Bends of Vancouver* White Ash Falls – By The River Bends
*By The Bends of Vancouver* White Ash Falls – By The River Bends



Hailing from Dallas Tx, Is Dj and Producer David Gebreyohannes, or more formally known as DEEP. DEEP has been in the Dallas Club scene for 3 years now! He started djing at Greenville and Elm street at Elm street bar and M street bar. From there he started talking to promoters to give him a chance to play bigger venues, and from there he started playing at Lizard lounge, Plush,Trees etc. And has opened up for Headliners like Na Palm, Shwayze,Proper Villians,Starkey, Helicopter Showdown, NastyNasty, Jay Fresh, Mord Fustang,Codes,Two Fresh,gLAdiator and Candyland.


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Mt. Borracho is a project residing in San Antonio Texas. Its derived from two high school friends, Zach and cameron,  forming a electronic/ambient/shoegaze band that uses experimental techinques. Cameron operates various analogue equipment as a sampling method and plays guitar while Zach plays keys. together they are Mt. Borraco!  the name is from a old roman tale concerning a mountain of drunks. Recording is taken more as a live set. They were even in a beginner  guitar class freshman year in high school.

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Word is born. With Planet Earth in a state of great chaos and turmoil, a force of extraordinary magnitude from across the multiverse has come to assist. As they approach the great inevitability, Exmag brings the soulful sounds of the future to aid in your journey. Peace to all worlds!

Composed of:

Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero aka SuperNicer, Mike Iannatto, Gramatik and ILLUMNTR

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Every once in awhile music comes out that represents everything I love about art, creativity, doin’ it yourself while doin’ it together, and fostering community and selflessness in completely healthy ways.

Anda Volley is the alternate-musico-personality of Samantha Milowsky, beloved founder and organizer of a publishing company and poetry journal calledAmethyst Arsenic.

Inside The Ghost Machine is a very important release for a plethora of different reasons. Mostly it appeals to my sense of ethic because Anda is somewhat of a “late bloomer” to actually playing music. Along with her persona making its way into the world somewhere around a month ago, she actually did not start to pick up the guitar until very recently. Around two years before the release of ITGM, self taught discipline and a small community of supportive songwriters she helped to found sparked that inkling inside of her that rockstars and Berklee grads and multi billion record companies don’t want us to realize: that we can do it too.

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JayyFresh began his journey in early 2011 at the age of 16. With no musical experience and only a unique sound in mind, he picked up a keyboard and got to work. Now he is recognized internationally for his huge, energetic tracks that can only be described as unique. With support from big names such as Michael Woods, Lazy Rich, Lucky Date, Deorro, Artistic Raw, Oliver Twizt and plenty others…JayyFresh is definitely on the right road to success.

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Yellerkin grew up in a small town called Katonah, named after the Sachem of the Ramapough Indians, of the Algonquin tribe. Chief Katonah, son of Onox, was forced to sell his land to the settlers of Ridgefield in 1708. Sachem Katonah, or Catoonah is said to have died of grief after his son and wife were killed by lightning that same year. In 2007 Martha Stewart tried to trademark a furniture line named “Katonah”. The surviving members of Ramapough Native Americans, descendants of Sachem Katonah, stopped her. Yellerkin.

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They were Mother’s Scream once, in 1994, and in 1996 they were Tom’s Goblin, a typical 90′s alternative rock band from their home town. Since 1999, they complement guitars with synthesizers, acquiring an electronic mood but without losing sight of their original influences. With participations in plays, ballets, television ads, festivals, compilations and tributes, they are a multidisciplinary band, who likes new challenges.

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Jordy Saämena, also known as GANZ is a 23 year old Bass and Beats producer from The Netherlands.

When he was a youngster he listened to a great variety of styles like Hip Hop, grime and UK Garage. At the age of 12 he started playing drums and try to make beats on his computer as well. He started producing Hip Hop with Jazz influences.

Several years later he started producing Dubstep as LEPHEN and released his productions on labels like Oi! Recordings and Rub-A-Duck and played at big Dutch venues, parties and festivals like for example Paradiso, Melkweg, Solar Weekend Festival, Defqon.1, The Skrillex Cell Afterparty and more.

In 2012 he started his study Electronic Musician at The Conservatory in Haarlem and became acquainted with Bass. From that moment he created a new alter ego called GANZ (also known as GANZ GVNZ, IAMGANZ or GANZEE).

Atm he is working on several EPs for labels around the globe like Bmkltsch Rcrds, Soulection, HW&W and Bmkltsch Rcrds + a “split EP” together with Pixelord for Mad-Hop.

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Katumbal is a Punk Rock band from Bacolod City, Philippines, formed in August 1999. The band consist of lead vocalist & guitarist Elcid Elumba, bassist & vocalist Deaux Magbanua and Drummer Artson Elumba.

In August 2005, Katumbal released their first EP “The Pancit Canton Incident” and later in August 2006 released their debut album “We Don’t Need Sympathy”, which sold copies in Bacolod City and areas of Negros Occidental and nearby provinces like Ilo-ilo and Cebu. The band’s early materials are all independently released promoting the D.I.Y. culture against oppressive record labels and mainstream media and earned its grassroots fan base. Later in September 2010 the band collaborated with an online based record label, SSS records and released an EP entitled “Tribute to Ramones” covering songs of the Ramones, citing the band as one of its major influences.

Last August 6, 2011, Katumbal released their 2nd Album “Kill the Paranoid”. The band is currently doing a mini tour in and out of the city in support of the album.

The band’s sound is diverse, utilizing elements of skate punk, hardcore punk, grunge, metal and more. The songs of the band generally address issues such as food, politics, society and poverty.

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Are you tired of that song that’s in rotation 3x’s every hour at your local radio station?

Mainstream music doesn’t seem to rekindle that excitement you used to have in your youth?

Well have no fear because the journey in search of real hip hop ends here! Jov Stellar guarantees you’ll be nodding your head to those funky breaks, boom baps and sick-ass lyrics as fast as you can say, “Give me deceptiveness or give me something else.”

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